As a child, Andrew used to get in trouble in school for drawing all the time. His mother recalls his teachers bringing her in for conference and bringing up the subject as a problem. “So, he’s drawing and not getting his work done?” she asked. “Oh, no, he always gets his work done.” they said. “Oh, are his grades suffering?”. “Oh, no, no. He’s getting all his work done.”….. “Soooo he’s getting his work done quickly and well…then drawing quietly? I’m not sure I see a problem there….”.  The teachers looked at each other then said, “The problem is he’s making the other children want to draw too, he has lots of fun with it….”

Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and has won numerous art competitions and awards across Oregon. He worked for 4 years as a Regional Graphic Artist and Muralist for Whole Foods, and currently lives in Bend Oregon where he paints full time.

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He works in acrylic, oil, ink, and chalk. Usually on large stretched linen or hard panels.

“People ask me if I still enjoy painting. The answer is I would do it if nobody ever saw my work. I’d do it if I had to pay to do it…and you know…if it was illegal…I would do it in secret.”    – Andrew Thornton