As a child, Andrew used to get in trouble in school for drawing all the time. His mother recalls his teachers bringing her in for conference and bringing up the subject as a problem. “So, he’s drawing and not getting his work done?” she asked. “Oh, no, he always gets his work done.” They said. “Oh, are his grades suffering ?” .  “Oh, no, no. He’s at the top of the class consistently.”.  “Soooo he’s getting his work done quickly and well…then drawing quietly? I’m not sure I see a problem there….” .  The teachers looked at each other then said “The problem is he’s making the other children want to draw too….”

   Andrew has a bachelors degree in Fine Art, and and has won numerous art competitions and awards across Oregon. He worked for 4 years as a Regional Graphic Artist and Muralist for Whole Foods, and currently lives in Bend Oregon where he paints full time.

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  He works in acrylic, oil, ink, and chalk. Usually on large stretched linen or hard panels. 

      “People ask me if I still enjoy painting. The answer is I would do it if nobody ever saw my work. I’d do it if I had to pay to do it…and you know…if it was illegal…I would do it in secret.”    – Andrew Thornton