Second Chance for a First Impression

Breathing new digital life into my artistic endeavor has been an interesting process. I have taken a few walks down memory lane as I try to learn the new technology of website design, social media posts, and – oh yeah! – also try to keep my brush moving on creating new pieces for clients. If you are old enough to remember how hard it was to figure out the programming on a VCR, then you probably understand some of the headaches involved in keeping all the online publishing tools straight (sorry to my few subscribers who got a draft blog post in their inbox – that will come back as a real post in a few weeks). It has been challenging to balance painting with my digital to-do list, but I’m happy to share this latest work with you.

This piece began as a moonlight study. I was interested in seeing if I could capture the effect of the light as it filtered through the outstretched feathers on this beautiful barred owl. I set it aside for a quite a while as other commissions took priority. It has been a creative joy to revisit this piece and add more to the story of this elegant predator and the shadowy world in which he survives.