Size Matters

Painting large scale art brings unique challenges. Pre-made canvases are not available for the size that some of my clients want. I had to learn how to build my own frames and stretch canvas myself. Easy, right?!

Wrong! I found several instructional plans and videos online, which were helpful in getting started, but once I got my hands on the lumber and rolls of canvas, I discovered that there is a lot of nuance and finesse involved in the construction. Kinda like trying to build an igloo, it’s harder than it looks! The frame must be built so that it can take the force of the canvas being pulled and stretched without bowing or twisting. The inside edges have to be beveled so that the pressure of each brushstroke across the outer edge of the canvas doesn’t create a line in the paint. The canvas itself requires a soft touch when stretching so it doesn’t rip or shred as it is wrapped around the frame. It is labor intensive, but totally worth it to be able to create paintings that capture exactly the effect I want in large scale.

I’m looking forward to sharing my latest works celebrating Central Oregon adventures – and where to see them on display in Bend – in an upcoming post. Enjoy!